Who We Are - Our Staff

Hawkeye Helicopter was established and is owned and operated by John D. (J.D.) Scott. J.D. has logged over 33,000 hours of flight time. J.D. began his aviation career as an Air National Guard mechanic on the CH-54 SkyCrane and spent a year of his service on the flight line of the Republic F-105 Thunderchief. He received his pilot’s certification and Pilots License from Spartan Aeronautical School in 1975 and started flying pipeline patrols in 1979. In 1995, he started flying for himself, as Hawkeye Helicopter, utilizing a single-engine Cessna and a two-seat Hughes helicopter. Over the course of Eighteen (18) years, Hawkeye Helicopter has maintained steady growth, and now operates a fleet of Eighteen (18) aircraft. The company currently employs a staff of Twenty (20) dedicated personnel, who provide a substantial portion of all aerial patrols flown across the United States.