What We Do - Pipeline Patrol

Routine aerial patrols of natural gas and petroleum pipelines are a significant portion of our revenue. Routine aerial patrols are the original service provided by Hawkeye Helicopter. These routine patrols generated the capital necessary to expand our services and grow our business to what it is today. Our pipeline flight missions accumulate in excess of 1.5 million nautical miles annually. Many of our nation’s largest gas and petroleum pipeline companies entrust us to fulfill their routine aerial patrols. With having many clients and numerous contracts, we can provide a much more cost-effective patrol service than our competitors. Simply put, we don’t have to make our profit from a single pipeline or client, as we can reduce deadhead miles by incorporating several pipeline patrols into each daily flight mission, when feasible. This also allows us to share overhead costs of insurance, maintenance and associated labor costs of mechanics, ground support and administrative personnel over a broader client base. Many of our clients also utilize our helicopter’s to conduct a more comprehensive inspection of their facilities and rights-of-way. Hawkeye Helicopter is one of the most respected premier aerial patrol company’s in the nation.

Hawkeye Helicopter’s relationships with other technical and professional service providers, allows us to assist utilities in conducting aerial and ground based gas leak detection, LiDAR and GIS data acquisition, preliminary route studies, design services and legal boundary issues regarding survey matters.


Fixed-Wing Patrols
Utilizing our fleet of small single-engine airplanes, our company provides a very cost-effective and efficient service. Fixed-wing patrols are quick, safe, and efficient. Our pilots are trained to detect leaks and encroachments on the ROW that may jeopardize the integrity of the pipe.

Rotor-Wing Patrols
Helicopter patrols provide a very detailed observation of the ROW. Pipeline personnel can fly as low and slow as needed. We also offer Light Detection and Ranging optical remote sensing technology called LIDAR. This system measures properties of scattered light to detect pipeline leaks and also provides digital pictures. Learn more about LIDAR.