Why We Excel - Qualifications

Hawkeye Helicopter is dedicated to employing the utmost professionals to fill all company positions. Each of our full-time patrol pilots have several thousand hours of Pilot-In-Command (PIC) time. On average, each Hawkeye Helicopter fixed-wing patrol pilot accumulates approximately 1,200 flight hours annually and our helicopter pilots attain approximately 400 flight hours annually with a goal of 700 hours. Most of our pilots have been with us for several years, or much longer. Their experience and insight is an invaluable asset, not only to us, but our clients as well. No matter their age or background, each Hawkeye Helicopter pilot is professionally qualified to complete their daily flight missions to assure our clients complete satisfaction. Hawkeye Helicopter has a proactive Operator Qualification (OQ) program in place and continuously monitored. With the ever-changing and increasingly complicated OQ requirements, a dedicated OQ program and Program Manager is extremely valuable and more or less mandated to oversee complete company aerial mission operations. All Hawkeye Helicopter pilots have completed both Veriforce and NCCER pipeline patrol training, tasks and requirements. With active accounts at both www.Veriforce.com* and www.ISNetworld.com**, our clients can view our qualifications quickly, anytime, anywhere. Hawkeye Helicopter’s rotor-wing pilots have participated and completed “Flying in the Wire & Obstruction Environment” safety training course presented by Bob Feerst of Utilities/Aviation Specialists, Inc.. Hawkeye Helicopter also has the ability to mobilize our certified evaluators to ensure continued OQ compliance as necessary on minimal notice. Our approach to OQ compliance is second to none.

* “Veriforce provides a foundation and a roadmap to World Class Safety, Training, and Compliance Programs”.

** “ISNetworld is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors in capital-intensive industries”.