Why We Excel - Scope

Hawkeye Helicopter provides aerial patrols, surveillance, inspections and specialized technical services for numerous gas pipeline, petroleum pipeline, electric transmission, distribution and generation companies, as well as non-energy related customers. Our customers range from some of the world’s largest natural gas and petroleum pipeline companies to local short line gas transmission and distribution providers to the nation’s largest private electric transmission company to rural electric cooperatives and one time customers who have a specific need. Our service territory covers a majority of the continental United States and maintains a significant presence in the central plains. Our main geographic service focus area is from the Appalachian Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, excluding the extreme Pacific Northwest. With this territorial range and large customer base, we are able to spread direct and overhead operating costs over numerous contracts, resulting in an extremely competitive price. Hawkeye Helicopter maintains Six (6) separate strategically located base operation airfields in the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and Rocky Mountain regions. With our fleet of aircraft located in Osage City and Salina, in Kansas; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Columbus, Nebraska; Casper, Wyoming, as well as Ottawa, Kansas, when needed, provides our clients the assurance to have very quick response to their patrols with little deadhead flight miles. Hawkeye Helicopter has maintained steady, quality controlled growth over the past Eighteen (18) years of operation due to our superb reputation as a world class aerial services company. With our company’s business model and plan and written safety programs and policies we have always met or exceeded our customer’s expectations and desires without sacrificing our quality of service. Hawkeye Helicopter is highly modular and extremely versatile. Simply put, Hawkeye Helicopter is one of the safest and most qualified aerial patrol service providers available.