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Helicopter Fleet

Bell 206B Jet Ranger – 4
The Jet Ranger is the workhorse of the helicopter industry. It brings unmatched safety, versatility, stability and efficiency and can be deployed in a variety of configurations. Simple, safe and smooth – this helicopter is popular with our pipeline clients and used extensively for Infrared Inspections, Gas Leak Detection Inspections, LiDAR Acquisition and Cinematography & Photography missions.

Bell OH-58 Jet Ranger (Garlick Certification) – 2
The OH-58 is a military version of the Bell 206 Jet Ranger licensed for civilian use. The OH-58 was designed with longer main and tail rotor blades that the Bell 206 Jet Ranger, enabling it to hover for extended periods of time. It is ideal for hover inspections in observation and inspection of power line infrastructure and pipeline terminals, as well as many of our ancillary uses.

Cessna 310Q – 1
The 310 is a twin-engine airplane that we use for extended cross country flights. With cruise speeds of 214+ mph it transports our personnel in a fast, efficient and comfortable manner.

Cessna 210L Centurion - 1
The 210 is a high performance, single-engine plane. We deploy it on our patrols over mountain regions. The balance of safety and efficiency is superb with this aircraft.

Cessna 182P Skylane – 1
A Skylane is another high performance, single-engine airplane which we utilize in the Rocky Mountain region where we encounter high density altitudes. This is a very stable design that’s been in production for decades with a fixed landing gear.

Cessna 182R Skylane – 1
Another Skylane high performance, single-engine airplane we utilize in the Rocky Mountain region with a retractable landing gear.

Cessna 177B Cardinal – 5
This is a very popular airplane with our pilots. The 177B provides unmatched visibility and maneuverability. Our 177B’s come equipped with a 180 horsepower Lycoming engine. Flying extended stretches of ROWs is this airplanes daily routine. A cantilever wing design coupled with its turn capabilities make it ideal for flying pipeline systems.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk – 3
Both dependable and stable the 172 is a great option for aerial patrols. This is one of the most popular airplane designs in aviation today and is an extremely efficient aircraft to operate.